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管理學術研究中心 Management Studies Research Center National Sun Yat-sen University

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 Yung-Jan Cho    

 Assistant Professor

 Post Doc Researcher   

 Business Analytics

 Digital Marketing        

 Marketing Management     

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   Assisting Professor in Dept. Information Management



2019 程式語言、機率統計與商業應用,Programming, Statistics & Businesses, College of Management
資管系:數位行銷, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics, Dept. Information Management  
管理學院:商業數據分析 2018, Business Analytics (2018), Collage of Management
管理學術中心:商業數據分析 2017,Business Analytics (2017), Collage of Management



香港中文大學 企管系 碩士, EMBA., Chinese University, Hong Kong     
國立中山大學 企研所 碩士, MBA, National Sun-Yatsen Univ. Taiwan
國立中山大學 企研所 博士, PhD. Business Management, National Sun-Yatsen Univ. Taiwan



中山大學 企管系 兼任助理教授,Assistant Professor, Dept. Business Management
中山大學 資管系 兼任助理教授,Assistant Professor, Dept. Information Management
中山大學 管理學術研究中心 博後研究員,PostDoc Researcher, Management Science Research Center



技術長 智匯亞洲 台灣分公司 Chief Technology Officer, Commverge Solutions Taiwan Co.
協理 數位通信服務/東森寬頻電信 Director, Product/Service Development, Eastern Broadband Taiwan Co.
資深經理 美台電信 Sr. Manager, Product Marketing/AT&T/Lucent-Taiwan Co.



1. 商業數據分析,Business Analytics
2. 行銷管理,Marketing Management
3. 數位行銷,Digital Marketing



1. Yung-Jan Cho, Pei-wen Fu, and Chi-Cheng Wu* (2017, Oct). Popular Research Topics in 25 Marketing Journals, 1995 – 2014. Journal of Interactive Marketing.
2. Pei-Wen Fu, Chi-Cheng Wu, Yung-Jan Cho (2017, Feb). What makes users share content on facebook? Compatibility among psychological incentive, social capital focus, and content type. Computers in Human Behavior.
3. Chi-Cheng Wu, Ying-Ju Chen, Yung-Jan Cho (2013, Jun). Nested Network Effects in Online Free Games with Accessory Selling. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 27(3), 158-171.
4. 卓雍然* Yung-Jan Cho* 吳基逞 Chi-Cheng Wu 傅珮雯Pei-Wen Fu(2012年03月)。邁向40周年的成長策略-中國鋼鐵公司。中山管理評論,第20卷 第1期 p.65-92。(TSSCI)