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Statistical Consulting Service


 Statistics Consulting Service


  1. Service category
  1. Main service:
  • Assist case studies or research questions in a statistical manner.
  • Statistic models and data analysis.
  • Experiment design and analysis.
  • Questionnaire design and analysis.
  1. Service Time

Please refer to the service calendar for further scheduling. Each consultation is limited to 50 minutes and can only proceed to the next schedule after existing ones.

  1. Application
  • Booking only. Please book your time 3 days prior to the intended consultation time.
  • Please refer to the service calendar and sign up for scheduling an appointment.
  1. Target group: NSYSU College of Management faculties, students and staff.
  2. Fee: The service is free of charge.
  1. Workshops (The workshop is for those who have prior knowledge in statistics)
  1. Contents:
  1. SPSS, M Plus, HLM, R, SEM and related applications of statistical software.
  2. Statistical applications to case studies and research questions
  1. Workshop time is as per announcements and notifications.
  2. The workshops are free of charge.
  1. The center offers related software for download (see NSYSU Library https://lis.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1001-1239.php?Lang=en ).