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Amended and Approved by the 1st Extraordinary University General Meeting on December 6, 1996, Academic Year 95

Approved by the 1st College Affairs Council on September 25, 2018, Academic Year 107

Approved by the President on October 8, 2018


Article 1 This regulation was stipulated in accordance with the National Sun Yat-sen University regulations on the establishment and dissolution assessment of research centers.

Article 2 The center named as the ‘Management Studies Research Center’, hereon referred to as ‘the Center’ is a within the manning quota of University-level research center.

Article 3 The purpose of this center is as follows:

1. To enhance domestic and global research exchange, to integrate and support the teaching and research of the College of Management, and to augment the standard of Management research

2. To strengthen research on Business Management, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of businesses run by citizens

3. To advocate for research on public policies and administrative management, thereby improving government policies and governance performance

4. To accept the government and the business community’s entrust in providing research and consultation on public policy and business management-related matters

Article 4 The Center shall appoint one director to coordinate the Center’s affairs. The College Dean shall recommend faculties or researchers of related fields from on or off-campus. Appointment shall be made upon approval by the University President. The term of appointment shall be the same as that of the College Dean.

Article 5 The Center may establish groups when necessary. A coordinator may be put in place for each group and shall be recruited by the Center director.

Article 6 Matters concerning budget, audit, expenditure, storage of property, etc shall be managed according to related regulations. Funding shall be self-supported by the Center.

Article 7 The director shall aperiodically hold meetings to discuss projects, coordinate work progress, and manage other assigned tasks related to the development of the Center.

Article 8 The Center shall regularly host research symposiums to strengthen academic research and encourage integrated research.

Article 9 The Center shall conduct annual self-evaluations and shall cooperate with the university’s evaluations as required.

Article 10 The Center shall be considered automatically dissolved when the following situations occur:

1. The purpose for establishment is no longer valid. The Center director recommending supervisor or University President proposes dissolution

2. Violation of the aforementioned Article 9

3. Lack of funding to support the operation of the Center

Article 11 These regulations, as well as its amendments, shall be effective upon approval by the College Affairs Council and the University President.


(For the avoidance of doubt in English version regulation, Chinese version will be prevailing.)